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Start your own cloud hosting business today with a Enterprise Personal Independent Cloud Environment (EPDC) .

This solution provides you with your own cloud on dedicated hardware that you
control and operate for yourself and your customers.  Start your own
highly-available cloud business today for as little as $500/month.


The ProxMox (EPDC) starts with at least 3
physical nodes. 2 x Hypervisor servers and 1 x SAN. Each hypervisor stores a mirror
image of your VM configurations while the SAN stores the data. If a VM were to
fail it automatically fails-over to the other hypervisor.

  • High availability hypervisors
  • Instant provisioning of VMs
  • Reseller opportunities galore
  • Scalable to 1000′s of servers
  • Deploy online applications in minutes instead of weeks.
  • Scale on demand and deliver security and business continuity for
    all applications.
  • Be in full control of your cloud environment.
  • Custom developed complex configurations
  • Completely isolated dedicated environment.
  • Allocate specific resources to specific applications for maximum


By-the-hour public cloud hosting


You can use EPDC to set up a complete
redundant cloud system:

  • Sell Virtual Machines to customers and charge hourly for
    on-demand cloud resources
  • Set different prices for RAM, CPU and storage
  • Set up different availability zones with different pricing




Use (EPDC) to offer private cloud services,
instead of or as well as a public cloud service.

  • You can group hypervisor, network and storage resources into a
    single private cloud resource.
  • Customers get all the benefits of a private cloud backed by the
    resources of the whole cloud.
  • This brings the cost of private clouds down for customers too.

Cloud Enabled Dedicated

This is where dedicated hosting meets the
cloud. Use EPDC to offer Cloud enabled dedicated servers to customers:

  • Allocate hypervisors on a 1:1 basis: each customer gets a
    dedicated hypervisor for their hosted service
  • Failover is provided by the rest of the cloud (for example, one
    HV might act as failover for 5 “live” HVs)

With this kind of cloud, you can compete with
every dedicated server provider.

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Traditional VPS model

  • You can use EPDC to manage traditional VPS services too.
  • EPDC doesn’t demand that you have a SAN back-end…
  • If you want to provide customers with traditional VPSs using
    local storage, EPDC can handle that too.

This kind of set-up lets you compete with
solusVM, OpenVZ, Vmware and many other VPS providers.

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