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SSL Certificates

It is important to choose the right SSL certificate for your domain. You will find that there are different types and brands available to choose from. You will need to consider whether you want domain, business or trusted validation and consider then whether you budget will stretch to what you need. The more you pay, the more trust you will get. It is also important to consider whether you want a certificate that will just secure one domain, unlimited sub-domains or many domains and sub-domains.

The Domain Validation SSL Certificate is the simplest one. It can be issued quickly as well and is available for individuals as well as businesses. There is no paperwork required and you do not need to speak to anyone, just validate by responding to an email.

  • Domain Validation SSL Certificate

    This certificate is available for businesses and individuals. They are very simple to get, just requiring an email validation and no other paperwork. You will be sent an email that you have to reply to and this will allow the certificate to be generated. This is a very quick process.

  • Business Validation SSL Certificate

    This type of SSL certificate needs some paperwork. It is necessary to go through the email validation process and then send business documentation as well. This is a manual check and therefore can take up to three days to complete the necessary checks. It can be worth it though as the security provided is higher and therefore if you have a business ecommerce site can provide the trust needed to encourage business.

  • Extended Validation SSL Certificate

    This is the certificate that provides the highest amount of cover and therefore makes customers feel safest. It will mean that you will get a green address bar which will allow customers to see that the site has been secured at a quick glance. It is necessary to provide documents to get this certificate issued and therefore it is not such a quick process.

  • Wildcard SSL Certificates

    A wildcard certificate will provide cover for subdomains on a domain name with one IP address. This means that any subdomains will also have the same amount of cover as the main domain as this will be covered as well. This can save a lot of money as you will not have to pay for each sub domain separately but it will also save time as only one application process has to be gone through. It is very much better than having a separate certificate for each subdomain.

  • Subject Alternative Name (SAN) SSL Certificates

    These certificates can also be called Unified communication Certificates or UCC. These were specifically made up for Microsoft Office communications Server and Exchange products. The certificate can secure common names or domain names with one certificate which includes internal network names as well as external domain names.

  • Server Gated Cryptography (SGC)

    This will allow old 40 bit encryption, which comes with old browsers to be able to get the full 256 bit encryption. This means that you website will be trusted by all users even if they are using old brower versions.

  • Compare SSL Certificate

    It is wise to compare the different sorts of SSL certificates to work out what is best for you. Here it is possible to compare type and brand so that you can look at the features and the price and work out which will be the best value for money for you.  Compare SSL by type     Compare SSL by brand