Why RapidSSL certificates?

30 days Money Back guarantee

RapidSSL Trial

FREE RapidSSL® encryption that's fast & easy to install
The FreeSSL™ is a fully-functional & trusted security certificate for 30 days, available completely FREE of charge! This FREE trial certificate essentially allows you to try before you buy. Since FreeSSL™ uses the same exact encryption & technology as a standard RapidSSL® certificate, you can simply use it to test a RapidSSL® before live implementation or temporary developments. Also, you get a chance to experience the SSL certificate ordering process, CSR generation and installation with no commitment.

  • FREE encryption for 30 days FreeSSL™
RapidSSL Standard

A Rapid SSL certificate is a very popular one. It can be issued within just five minutes and can provide up to 256-bit encryption for your website. There is 99.9% browser recognition which includes Netscape 4.7+, IE 5.01+ and Mozilla 1+.

The certificate will give you 256 bit encryption with an extremely fast validation process. There is no need to have any documents approved which is what makes it a lot quicker as you just have to valid your account using email. It is therefore possible to get the certificate within 3 minutes at any time of the day or night on any day of the year. It is possible to buy a certificate that gives cover for more than one year and this can work out cheaper. With each certificate you will get a site seal logo for free which you can use to show your customers that you can be trusted.

They are more likely to buy from you if they can trust you and so this could make a big difference to your business. There is a $10,000 warranty . With RapidSSL being a subsidiary of GeoTrust you can be sure that the fact that it is cheap does not mean that it is poor quality.

  • Domain Validation
  • 5 minutes Issuance time
  • Yes Free Reissues
  • No Green Address bar
  • No Installation Checker
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • Yes Free Site Seal
  • 99.3% Browser compatibility
  • No Unlimited subdomains
  • No Free unlimited server licensing
RapidSSL WildcardSSL

Free unlimited server licensing

This SSL certificate will allow you to secure unlimited sub domains as well as the main domain all using the one IP address. The Rapid SSL Wildcard Certificate therefore provides great value for money as it is a low price. It means that online transactions will be secure as they will have 256-bit encryption.

Buying the Rapid SSL Wildcard Certificate means that you will be able to add security to as many subdomains as you wish, as long as they are all under the same main domain name. Only 1 IP address is needed which is different to the standard SSL certificate that would need 10 IPÂ’s for 10 sub domains. Once you have an SSL certificate registered to *.samplename.com you will protect any site that has anything.samplename.com.

This certificate gives standard 128/256 bit encryption and provides an extremely fast validation service that is automated. There is no need for any documents, just to confirm by email. It is possible to then get the transaction completed in just three minutes. If you buy a certificate that covers multiple years it can save money and time. Each certificate issued comes with a free site seal logo that you can display to give your customers confidence. It also comes with a $10,000 warranty. Rapid SSL is a subsidiary of GeoTrust who are a well-known company. In this case cheap does not mean poor quality.

  • Domain Validation
  • 3 minutes Issuance time
  •  Yes Free Reissues
  • No Green Address bar
  • No Installation Checker
  • $5,000 Warranty
  • Yes Free Site Seal
  • 99.3% Browser compatibility
  • Yes Unlimited subdomains

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